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About Tolne Gjæestgivergaard

Tolne Gjæstgivergaard is the dream of two people, Janne Hieck and Gregory Hamilton Miller, to build a center for ceramic art  in the middle of a wonderful forest in Northern Denmark.  Janne is a German master potter who studied at the ceramic facility in Landshut, Bavaria, and Gregory is an American who lived, worked, and studied in Mashiko, Japan, with Living National Treasure Shimaoka Tatsuzo.  Together since 2005, the two potters have been consistently involved in inviting other ceramic artists to come and work, lecture and exhibit with them for much of the last decade.  They both enjoy woodfiring and salt/soda glazing, and have four special kilns to fire their work.  In addition to their studio and gallery, they offer ceramic courses, artistic residencies, a cafe, and unique bed and breakfast rooms.

Tolne Gjæstgivergaard is an historic building from 1897 in Tolne, in the middle of Vendsyssel, Nordjylland, Denmark.  The area has a long history of settlement, from the Neolithic period on, which can be seen at the nearby Vendsyssel Historic Museum between Mosbjerg and Vogn, and is the sight of Iron and Bronze age burial mounds.  In the 1860s, Tolne train station was established across from Gjæstgivergaard, which has been on the map in Tolne since at least 1721.  It has served as a lodging place historically in the area, a natural crossing of the paths and ways, connecting residents along the old stoneage coastline, springs, farms, forest, and the sea.  In the early 1900s, the owners of Tolne Gjæstgivergaard played a vital role in establishing Tolne Skov Pavilion, and the businesses were run in tandem.

Janne and Gregory bought the property in July 2012, and since then, we’ve been working to renovated it as their home, ceramic studio, gallery, café, meeting facility, and lodging alternative to staying in a hotel in the city or summerhouse on the coast.  The have a daughter, Iben, who is two, and three sons:  Keiran (9), Aidan (12), and Hamilton (15).

As a guest at Tolne Gjæstgivergaard, you can take a look at our gallery, spend time in our cafe, or take a ceramics course.  If you want to stay the night, choose between our cozy retro or stylish classic rooms upstairs. Explore the beautiful sites in Tolne Forest, a natural pearl of Vendsyssel, which has been protected by the EU since 2000., just five minutes walk from Tolne Gjæstgivergaard.   Lønstrup and Skagen are other well known tourist attractions in the area.  You’re very welcome to come visit and see us making ceramics in studio, loading the kilns, and firing.  We  also offer opportunities for you to make your own work, and different kinds of workshops, making ceramics, painting, willow weaving, and guided tours of the birds, plants, and fungi of the forest area.  Take a look at our calender and see if there’s something that you could be interested in!